Why Loki Will Be The Most Impactful Marvel Disney Show Yet

Loki, as a character, has universe-breaking in his DNA. This incarnation of Loki isn’t just a god of mischief; he’s not even the same Loki we’ve been dealing with across the Infinity Saga, which concluded with “Avengers: Endgame.” The upcoming “Loki” series follows the version of Loki who escaped the clutches of the Avengers after the events of their first combined film thanks to some time-traveling shenanigans. In a way, this Loki is already a bit of a parallel-universe figure — we just don’t know what, if anything, that means for the MCU.

While Kevin Feige may have his lips sealed on the particulars, he wants Marvel fans to know that “Loki” isn’t some kind of isolated story — it’s going to be important to the rest of the MCU in a way no other Marvel TV series has been before. “It’s tremendously important,” Feige said in an interview with Empire. “It perhaps will have more impact on the MCU than any of the shows thus far. What everybody thought about ‘WandaVision,’ and was sort of true, and ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier,’ which was sort of true, is even more sort of true for ‘Loki.'”

Perhaps letting a little of his own inner Loki out, Feige continued, saying, “You want to see, after six hours or so, characters change and evolve. We don’t make these shows to not be radical, right?”

Will the MCU still be the one we know after the six episodes of “Loki”? Or will we find ourselves in a world wholly unfamiliar by the time we truly return to the cinematic end of Marvel’s universe?

“Loki” debuts on Disney+ June 9, 2021.

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