Here’s How The Copy Machine From The Office Almost Got A Spin-Off

Taking a popular character to a new location is standard fodder for spin-offs — “Frasier” and “Joey are perfect examples of that. However, the team behind “The Office” had a different idea in mind.

Paul Lieberstein, “The Office” writer and the actor behind HR representative Toby Flenderson, had a very clever pitch. As reported by TV Guide, Lieberstein proposed an episode of “The Office” where a copy machine breaks and a repairman tries to fix it. At the end of the episode, the machine is loaded on a truck and refurbished in a warehouse, and from there, it’s loaded onto another truck and taken to Pawnee, Indiana, where it’s dropped off in the “Parks and Recreation” office.

We love the idea of a quirky, loose connection between the two shows, fleshing out the universe. However, NBC execs ultimately decided for “Parks and Rec” to be its own show with no connection to “The Office.” The show certainly stood just fine on its own, airing for seven seasons and creating its own loyal fanbase. We adore both shows and are ultimately happy we get to enjoy two very different, very funny workplace comedies. 

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