Mother Arrested & Charged After Allegedly Sneaking Into Middle School Disguised As Her Daughter!

A 30-year-old Texas woman was arrested late last week after she allegedly trespassed on her local public school’s grounds by pretending to be her own 13-year-old daughter! And she apparently made it through ALL SEVEN CLASSES before she was outed at the end of the day!

Casey Garcia of San Elizario, a small Texas town southeast of El Paso, has been charged with trespassing on school grounds and tampering with government documents related to impersonating a student after her June 1 ruse was uncovered back on Friday.

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Deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office were also alerted to multiple social media posts Garcia allegedly published which appeared to document the incident. One of the videos went live on YouTube back on June 2 and is titled “Going to school as my 13yr old daughter.”

In the clip, a woman can be seen wearing a yellow hoodie with glasses and a black face mask while she takes selfies in a restroom mirror and eats in what appears to be a school cafeteria.

You can see that video (below):


In a second video posted to an account allegedly belonging to Garcia the next day, on June 3, the 30-year-old mom shared her reasoning about why she went to school under the guise of being her daughter.

In that video, which Garcia called “raw but real,” she said in part (below):

“I didn’t do this to get views. I didn’t do this to get likes. I didn’t do this so people could be mad at me and I could never walk around El Paso again. … the school was so concerned that my phone was out that they weren’t even paying attention to who I was. They never interacted with me, it was just, ‘hey, put your phone away,’ and ‘hey, put your phone away.’”

And she continued:

“But that wasn’t a deal breaker. I think the deal breaker for me was actually walking in and posing as a seventh grader. I’m no spring chicken, and I made it to all seven periods until the last teacher said, ‘Julie, can you stay after class?’ And I said, ‘absolutely.’ And she looked at me and she said ‘you’re not Julie.’ And I said ‘no, I’m not.’ I took off my mask, and I took off my glasses, and I said, ‘I’m Julie’s mom.’”

You can see the whole explanation video (below), in which Garcia speaks about school security issues, teachers focusing on online students more than in-person students, and more:


Deputies eventually took Garcia into custody at her residence several days after the incident occurred. She was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on the aforementioned charges, as well as for an unrelated traffic warrant. In total, her bonds came out to $7,908.

Is an arrest and $8k of bonds worth it for Garcia’s self-described “social experiment” to see how easy it is to get into a school? Does she have a point about school security, and staff focus, and in-person teaching? Or is she someone who deserves what she gets for sitting in on a seventh graders’ classes for a day?! Even if she’s a student’s mom??? Hmm…

At the very least, the district’s superintendent reportedly sent a note to parents confirming they were at least reviewing security measures in light of this eye-popping stunt. Yeah, no kidding…

Sound OFF with your take on this crazy story down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Casey Garcia/YouTube]

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