Poppy Jamie’s New Book Shares Deeply Personal Battle With Anxiety

Wellness expert Poppy Jamie wants you to know that even A-listers aren’t always living their best lives—and she knows from experience. 

“I’ve been in rooms and parties with some of the most gorgeous, successful people in Hollywood,” Poppy, the host of the mental health-focused podcast Happy, Not Perfect, tells E! News. “People who everyone would say just really won life. And yet, in their minds, there’s always someone prettier, more successful, wealthier, more intelligent. There’s not one famous person I’ve met who thinks, ‘Yes, I’ve got it all.’ They’ve ticked all these boxes, yet they’re still unhappy.”  

Back in 2009, she kicked off her career as a celebrity journalist, interviewing stars like Jude Law and ultimately landing her own talk show in 2015. Next came an accessories brand Pop & Suki with her close pal, actress Suki Waterhouse. But despite what appeared to be a glam life, Poppy suffered an anxiety-induced breakdown that led to hospitalization in 2016. Now, for the first time, she’s opening up about her experience in her new self-help guide, Happy, Not Perfect.

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