The Friends Show Did This To Pay Tribute To Courteney Cox’s Marriage

In 1999, Courteney Cox married fellow “Scream” star David Arquette. Cox elected to take her husband’s last name in addition to her own, thus becoming Courteney Cox Arquette.

The actress opted to use her new last name professionally as well, and the opening sequence of “Friends” for Seasons 6 through 10 reflects this. In fact, the “Friends” team hilariously decided to pay homage to their friend and co-star’s marriage in the Season 6 premiere, with the entire cast adding “Arquette” to the end of their names for the opening credits. The show-runners also dedicated the episode to the newly married couple. Prior to this, Arquette himself actually appeared in a Season 3 episode of “Friends” when he and Cox were just dating, playing a crazy ex-boyfriend of Ursula, Phoebe’s twin sister. 

Though Cox and Arquette would sadly go on to divorce in 2013, we always love the change to the Season 6 premiere title sequence in our many rewatches of the series. 

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