The John Hancock Pocket Watch That Sold For A Mint On Pawn Stars

Though Rick would eventually purchase just the pocket watch, as seen on the “Pawn Stars” Season 17 episode “Watches, Waistcoats and Wizards,” he actually visited a collector friend of his to see John Hancock’s waistcoat as well. Brian, the seller, offered Rick $400,000 for both items. Rick, however, is mainly concerned with the pocket watch. As a luxury item from a time when watches were scarce and extremely expensive, Hancock’s solid gold watch is an item unlike any other. The seller offers to give Rick the watch for $150,000.

In an odd turn of events, Rick isn’t too keen on over-negotiating for this item. Usually, he would play hardball and try to get the best price possible. Instead, he simply offers Brian a simple, fair price at $125,000. Reluctantly, the seller agrees. Thankful and giddy to have gotten a new toy, Rick offers to buy Brian dinner to celebrate the deal.

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