The Reid Scene On Criminal Minds That Went Too Far

Played by the wonderful Aubrey Plaza, there’s a lot to like about Cat Adams. She’s conniving, witty, and is obsessed with Reid, which is understandable. When she is introduced to “Criminal Minds” in Season 11, episode 11, “Entropy,” Cat is a hired killer who Reid is able to outsmart and arrest. The two have an entertaining rapport, and despite successfully tricking her in the end, Cat is a great match for the FBI profiler, able to go toe-to-toe with Reid. But even as a villain, there are aspects of Cat’s story that cross the line into the unacceptable.

After her arrest, Cat is determined to get revenge on Reid. Returning in Season 12, Cat works with Lindsey Vaughn (Gia Mantegna) to frame Reid for murder, but that’s not what’s problematic. During his time in Mexico, Lindsey drugs and manipulates Reid, leaving him with little memory of what really happened. So when Reid and Cat meet again in her jail cell, she uses his lack of recollection to her advantage, telling Reid that he was raped while drugged up and now Cat’s pregnant with his child. While it’s later revealed to be a lie, it’s possible that Reid believes this to be true for a while, and we can only imagine what he’s feeling in these moments. 

The trauma of being sexually assaulted — and on top of that having no memory of it — is horrible, and a lot of fans are uncomfortable with how casually “Criminal Minds” uses this as a plot device. This honestly could’ve been a great way for the show to explore how men’s suffering of sexual trauma is treated in society. But instead, it’s pushed to the wayside, simply used to add drama to Cat and Reid’s relationship.

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