What Is The Song In The Sprite ‘Dreams’ Commercial?

While neither Coca-Cola nor the advertising company behind the “Thirst For Yours” campaign, Weiden+Kennedy, have given many official details about the ad, the Shazam app identifies the song as being titled “Dreams” by Cold in the Shade. The Shazam listing also includes a YouTube link to the full version of the song.

That’s great news for everyone you liked the song. Unfortunately, on the other hand, listeners will have a hard time finding much more information about Cold in the Shade. Shazam does list some additional tracks by the artist, although on the YouTube account which hosts them, those songs are claimed by the channel itself, LOZ. However, the poem spoken over the music comes from a very identifiable and notable individual, Langston Hughes. The eight-line poem, which is also titled “Dreams,” is recited in its entirety.

In addition, iSpot.tv includes some additional information about the artists featured in the “Dreams” commercial. The advertisement features singer Amindi, rapper and producer Choker, fashion designer Akua Shabak, and performance artist Jamal Wade.

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