What It Really Means To Win LEGO Masters

Everyone on “LEGO Masters” has to be a proficient builder in many ways. The application to become a contestant requires that you give a pretty detailed account of your history and skills with LEGO. You even have to upload photographs of your work before they consider taking you on as a contestant. The competition is steep as well, as multiple contestants in the show’s first season were professional LEGO Engineering teachers.

Given the high skill level for most of the show’s contestants, the actual challenges themselves must live up to their abilities. The show’s challenges require contestants to create some incredibly sophisticated, amazing work under strict conditions. On top of that, the bar is set high. According to the Los Angeles Times, contestants’ creations are judged based on multiple criteria, such as creativity and technical ability, by two highly qualified LEGO designers known as “Brickmasters.” With limited time to plan their builds ahead, a simple mistake can mean all the difference for contestants.

In short, the contestants on “LEGO Masters” are the real deal. It may not be the oldest or most accredited competition in LEGO history, but even getting on the show is a testament to one’s talent and skill. Winners have to beat out nine other teams of skilled creators while impressing two of the world’s leading authorities on LEGO creation. Plain and simple, such a feat is nothing to sneeze at.

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