Why Bambi From Betty Looks So Familiar

After four years of acting in shorts and low-budget films, Edmund Donovan would find his way back into prime time with a 2018 appearance in “Blue Bloods.” Donovan plays Evan Walker in the Season 9 episode “Blackout,” in which a New York City blackout causes the NYPD a lot of drama, and the department’s oversight of lower-income areas is raised as a potential discrimination issue. 

In a role that is much more sympathetic than those of Roger or Bambi, Donovan’s Evan comes into the police station to file a Missing Person Report for his fiancée, Michelle Hopper, whom he hasn’t spoken to for two days, and he gets the worst possible news: Michelle is the department’s newest deceased Jane Doe.

It’s a powerful acting moment for Donovan, who skillfully plays the confusion, desperation, and pain of just learning of a loved one’s grisly murder.

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