Cody Simpson Breaks Down His Jaw-Dropping Olympic Diet

Cody Simpson has been busy preparing to accomplish quite possibly his biggest goal yet.
This month, the 24-year-old star will head to the Australian Olympic trials, where he will compete for a spot at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. For the first episode of GQ’s Real-Life Diet series, the musician walked the publication through an average day of his typical diet and fitness—and let’s just say that he has laser-sharp focus when it comes to sticking to his regimen.
After waking up at his usual time of 5 a.m., he usually makes a wrap filled with peanut butter and banana, which he explained gives him the sugar, protein and carbs he needs to get through his morning practice. Then right after practice, he usually has a protein shake and toast with avocado—but, he also added that he loves to eat fish and veggies, saying, “Just getting a good healthy protein, vegetables and a carb—slow-burning carb that will last me […] keep me full throughout the night.”

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