Here’s What Criminal Minds Fans Really Think Of The First Episode

While the poll may have formalized the feelings “Criminal Minds” fans have toward “Extreme Aggressor,” there has long been chatter across Reddit about the series’ inaugural episode. User u/definitly-not commented on the poll itself to say, “extreme aggressor is my favourite episode! … i loved the way they introduced the characters … and also just the plot and the twist and the aesthetic! a masterpiece!”

In another Reddit thread where users organized a group rewatch of early episodes in the series, u/SeizerOfThoughtseize wrote of the pilot, “A great way to start the series, I really like how it highlights each team member and what they bring to the team. Also, having two unsubs on the first episode was a cool twist.”

Meanwhile, for user u/decimateddolm, the episode will always have a special place in their heart as the moment that first got them hooked on “Criminal Minds.” Commenting on a thread about “Extreme Aggressor,” they wrote, “That first episode is what caught me, I saw it on a whim as a teen and none of the subsequent episodes come close.”

If you want to see where it all began, you can check out Season 1, Episode 1 of “Criminal Minds” on Netflix.

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