How NCIS Fans Really Feel About Torres

Following the Season 18 finale, which saw Torres left heartbroken as Bishop walked away, Reddit user u/Ijustwatchmovies started a thread titled “I feel sad for Torres.” The initial post expressed sympathy for the character and prompted others to chime in with their own opinions.

Reactions to Torres were all over the place. On one hand, u/Powerful_Lynx_4737 wrote, “I feel bad for Torres he’s one of my favorites … I’m more pissed for Torres he’s been saying he wants a family and [Bishop] just wasted his time.” On the other side of the coin, u/AraCand declared, “Honestly I’d prefer Torres have left and not Bishop.”

Another Reddit thread, titled “Opinion on Torres,” also brought out a myriad of different takes. User u/quiltmeknot wrote, “I like him. He’s not infallible, but he is loyal and has developed a trust with the team. He’s had a lot of growth.” Meanwhile, u/riveramblnc defended the character from the nagging perception that he’s a poor substitute for DiNozzo, who left the series around the time Torres was introduced. “He’s not Tony. People don’t want shows to change,” they wrote. “They get attached to characters and the replacements always take a beating.”

However, u/NSGACT1985 wasn’t buying that excuse. They argued, “For me it’s not that he replaced Tony, it’s the smarmy, ‘I’m better at everything than you’ chip on his shoulder … Sure his character has grown somewhat over the last few seasons; however, there’s been so much bad writing for him it just hasn’t made up for it.”

Love him or loathe him, it’s clear that Torres has made an impression during his time on “NCIS.”

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