Loki Head Writer Michael Waldron Shares What It Was Really Like Making The Marvel Series

So you’ve got a movie up coming that’s about a multiverse. Is “Loki” in any way priming us for what we’re going to see during that movie?

These things with Marvel, our goal is always with each individual project, to just make it the best thing on its own that we possibly can. How they feed into the other stories tends to happen almost naturally or organically. Do you end up creating messes that you yourself have to clean up? Perhaps, but it was always our goal with “Loki” to have it really have wide-reaching implications across the MCU.

At this moment, “Loki” looks to be probably a short series. Do you have any ideas for a second season, or is it too early to ask about that yet?

Our goal with “Loki” was for this season to be a complete and fulfilling story. I think that’s always the best version of any TV show — a season should stand alone on its own. That was our hope for this one. As for the future, time will tell.

What do you want people to take away from the show?

I think what I want people to take away from this show will be answered at the end of the show. You’ve got to watch it. Watch the show and you’ll see what I wanted you to take away from it.

“Loki” is streaming on Disney+ now.

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