Odette Annable Shares She Suffered Third Pregnancy Loss

Odette further explained that it hadn’t yet felt right to include fans on the pregnancy journey until now, but that she’s grateful for the “silver linings in the hard things,” which is how she described Dave and Charlie. She went on to say this experience provided her with “new appreciation” for the 41-year-old What/If actor, who she met while they were co-starring on Brothers & Sisters before tying the knot in October 2010. 

“This experience has given me a new appreciation for my husband who was a rock for me and was unwavering with his support even though I know he was feeling it all as well,” the Cloverfield star continued. “It made me marvel at what a miracle Charlie is. What a miracle and a blessing it is to have a healthy child. I am so grateful for my family. We love you always and forever little angel.”

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