The Best Criminal Minds Scene, According To Fans On Reddit

The top two most-upvoted comments in the Reddit thread asking for users to share their favorite moments in series history include not one but lists of various scenes across multiple “Criminal Minds” seasons. The third-most upvoted comment, however, reveals the closest thing to a consensus among the various responses, garnering a reply from the original poster that the scene is also among their favorites.

In their comment, user Nik-ki explained that, while the series includes “so many amazing scenes,” the one that came most immediately to mind was an exchange in Season 4, during which Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is tasked with providing the main investigation team with information about the city of Sherwood, Nevada over the phone. After she gives the team a quick rundown of Sherwood, Reid thanks her, and she, in turn, signs off, “You, my fine furry friends, are welcome.” In response, unit chief Hotch (Thomas Gibson) responds in a quiet deadpan, “Remind me to have her drug tested.”

While this is merely an isolated character joke rather than a scene bearing plot importance, the high esteem in which it’s held by both Reddit user Nik-ki and the thread’s creator speaks to the types of scenes revered by the “Criminal Minds” fanbase, at least on Reddit. Both of the top two most-upvoted comments in the thread likewise include comedic moments as among their favorites.

While “Criminal Minds,” then, is typically a dramatic series, it’s the scenes where its characters get to showcase their distinct personalities that appear to be celebrated most, like when Garcia calls the Behavioral Analysis Unit team “furry friends” and Hotch comedically “straight-mans” her odd behavior. If “Criminal Minds” returns for a 16th season, new comedic interactions between its characters may end up being the key to fans’ hearts.

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