The Indiana Jones Reference You Missed In Sweet Tooth

Netflix shared some facts about the making of “Sweet Tooth” that demonstrated just how much inspiration the showrunners took from Steven Spielberg. The article notes that creator Jim Mackie worked with his director of photography, Dave Garbett, to craft a film that visually evoked classics such as “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and “Jurassic Park.”

Episode 6 of the show’s first season, however, took those cues a bit further. The episode features an extended train sequence which, Netflix reveals, is a direct reference to opening moments of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” in which River Phoenix played a young Indiana Jones. That segment is memorable for providing some of the first actual hints of what Indiana was like before becoming a globetrotting archeologist and for its gripping train car combat scenes.

“Sweet Tooth” emulates those moments in the episode’s climactic fight between Jeppard (Nonso Anozie) and the Last Men patrolling the car. While the segment ends sadly as Jeppard’s friend Jimmy (Suli Moa) stays behind to ensure that Gus can escape, it remains an excellent callback to some stellar source material.

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