Where Is the Parenthood Cast Now?

Before we had the Pearsons, there were the Bravermans.

In fact, when NBC debuted the ratings-hit of This Is Us in 2016, it had only been just over a year since we’d said a heartfelt goodbye to the beloved family of Parenthood that came before them.

The Jason Katims-led series, which ran for six seasons before shuffling off the mortal coil alongside (five-year-old spoiler alert!) patriarch Zeek (played by Coach vet Craig T. Nelson), aired its last episode on January 29, 2015. But, thanks to Peacock, you can catch the truly heartwarming series any time you need to a laugh, a cry…or both. 

Now anyone can enjoy Katims’ naturalistic approach to filming, which included three cameras filming scenes from all angles and (usually) no table reads prior to filming, and endeared the series eternally to all those who were watching.

And today, in honor of star Mae Whitman‘s birthday, we’re seeing what everyone’s been up to since Parenthood went off the air. 

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