AHS Fans Weigh In On Their Favorite Leslie Grossman Character

Fans on Reddit recently dished on who their favorite Leslie Grossman character is on “American Horror Story,” and the results were pretty close. Out of 473 votes, 183 people voted for Margaret Booth, the primary antagonist of “AHS: 1984.” While some may wonder why so many people favored an evil serial killer over Grossman’s other roles, Reddit user u/xavierplympton wrote “Margaret is by far her BEST. She had an actual story line and was definitely Leslie’s best performance.”

In second place was the spoiled heiress Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt of “AHS: Apocalypse,” with 172 votes. Though many fans on the Reddit thread said they feel Grossman’s characters are quite similar to each other, one pointed out that Coco in particular had some hilarious one-liners. Finally, in third place was Meadow Wilton from “AHS: Cult” with 118 votes. Fans also appreciated the comic relief she brought to the show, and the aforementioned u/xavierplympton added, “Meadow was hilarious not nearly as much as Margaret but she was literally perfect for Cult.”

Though some think Grossman’s characters have been largely one-dimensional, we hope to see her in a new sort of role in Season 10 of “American Horror Story.”

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