First Look At Live-Action Batwing In Batwoman Is Lighting Up Twitter

Ever since Luke Fox first appeared on “Batwoman,” fans have hoped he would have the chance to suit up under his superhero moniker. Naturally, the show didn’t rush things, and even when Batwoman herself changed hands, his development remained consistent, leading to the moment we’re all about to experience. Plenty of folks are ecstatic to watch him fight crime as the newest member of the Bat-family, and Johnson received plenty of praise from others in the comic book world. 

Underneath Johnson’s photo is a message from comic book writer Jimmy Palmiotti, who writes, “HELL YES!!! Congrats my friend…you look amazing!” Fellow CW star Elizabeth Tulloch also chimes in with a bunch of supportive emojis, and now, all we can think of is how much we want a Superman/Batwing team-up. 

Fans have let their opinions known all over the internet, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. A lot of people have some variation of what @TheJovenshire tweeted: “[This] is phenomenal! Looks great!” Then you have @michaelp93 echoing those sentiments: “This is one of the greatest costumes The CW has ever produced. The Arrowverse doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit in general but this is freakin’ epic.” Some of the other comments you’ll find scrolling through the app include “HELL YES BATWING IS COMING AND I CAN’T WAIT” and “BROO BATWING LOOKS SO GOOD.” With that kind of praise for a couple of pictures, we can’t wait to see the response when Batwing officially debuts as “Batwoman” Season 2 nears its end. 

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