How Joshua Orpin Got Ripped To Play Superboy In Titans Season 3

Joshua Orpin recently took to Instagram to post pictures of himself working out to get people pumped for “Titans” Season 3, which is due for release in August on HBO Max. So, how exactly did he get in Superman levels of shape? According to the actor, “season 2 was about #cultivatingmass, this time around we were trying to get me a little leaner and meaner.” Here’s Orpin’s superbod process.

“Step 1 – Don’t eat anything that you want to / tastes good

Step 2 – Pick up heavy things all the time. Like, every day

Step 3 – Work with Alan Ritchson and feel inadequate

Step 4 – Repeat until jacked and shredded”

Alan Ritchson plays Hank Hall, aka Hawk on “Titans,” and it’s no surprise Orpin looks up to the actor as they both stay fit. Ritchson isn’t just known as Hawk — the actor got his superhero start back in 2005 on “Smallville” when he played none other than Aquaman.

Orpin revealed how intense workouts can help, acknowledging that he had to keep his work ethic up through lockdowns in two countries for nine months of shooting. “As long as I have the privilege of playing this role, I’ll continue to strive toward the 100% unrealistic standard set by my comic book counterpart,” he wrote.

The first two seasons of “Titans” are streaming now on HBO Max.

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