Revelation Teaser Trailer Is Breaking The Internet

In the comments section attached to the new “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” trailer on YouTube, fans have expressed widespread excitement for the series and even appreciation for the quality of the trailer itself. User Ryan Ansloan, for example, categorized it as “one of the better trailers I’ve seen cut in a while” and received quite a few likes for the comment. Felix W. described the Bonnie Tyler song scoring the trailer as a perfect fit, which was a sentiment apparently shared by hundreds of people who liked the comment.

User MadDemon64, meanwhile, posted that “you know a He-Man revival is going to be good when it makes Orko of all people look cool.” This same sentiment was shared in response to Kevin Smith posting the trailer to his personal Twitter account by user @AJThompson, who wrote that the “close-up shot of Orko gave me all the confidence I need in this show.”

Orko isn’t the only character to which fans have responded kindly. Twitter user @CrackinWax replied to Kevin Smith, “Add Skeletor to Mark Hamill’s already stacked résumé,” and was liked more than 100 times. Patrick Schumacker, who works as a producer on the animated “Harley Quinn” TV series, simply wrote, “Oh my goodness I can’t wait. This is perfect.”

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” will be released in two parts. The first half of the series is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on July 23.

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