Rick And Morty Season 5’s Guest Stars Will Blow Your Mind

As reported by Total Film, fans finally got a preview of Season 5’s incoming guest stars during a roundtable featuring show co-creator Dan Harmon, producer Scott Marder, and actress Spencer Grammer, who plays Summer. Grammer shared the names of the new guest stars who will appear on “Rick and Morty,” with some big new actors appearing and at least one reprising a previous role.

Susan Sarandon will return as Dr. Wong, the therapist whose session Rick was trying to avoid when he turned himself into a pickle in “Pickle Rick.” Sarandon already reprised the role during Season 4, when the family again visited her office in “Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri.”

New guest stars include Timothy Olyphant, who is best known for his role as Sheriff Bullock on HBO’s “Deadwood” and memorably appeared on “The Mandolorian” as Cobb Vanth. Grammer also let slip that Christina Ricci, the child actress-turned-movie star who first came to fame as Wednesday in “The Addams Family,” will be joining the show.

The final guest star Grammer mentioned was Alison Brie, new to the world of “Rick and Morty” but not necessarily to Dan Harmon fans. Brie was one of the main cast members on Harmon’s previous show, “Community,” on which she played Annie Edison. Fans might also remember her from the Netflix original “GLOW,” on which she starred as Ruth. 

Season 5 premiers on June 20, which is like, really ricking soon.

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