This Is The Creators’ Least Favorite Episode Of Rick And Morty

When “Rick and Morty” returned for Season 2, it opened with “A Rickle in Time” as Rick, Morty, and Summer dealt with the ramifications of leaving time paused for six months to clean up after their crazy, cosmic house party at the end of Season 1. Obviously, things didn’t go smoothly and time splintered because both Morty and Summer were uncertain about what they were going to do. It got even more complicated as all these different timelines started interacting with each other, which is why it’s the creators’ least favorite episode of the show.

During a conversation with Rolling Stone about the critically acclaimed series, Justin Roiland — who also voices both Rick and Morty — explained that the episode “was just brutal and it broke us to a certain extent. We were so close to something amazing and we never really got there from a structural standpoint.” Co-creator Dan Harmon echoed his point, noting that “It went off the deep end conceptually and got really over-complicated.”

It’s a shame that the creators feel that way because it’s a truly inventive episode that toys with time travel and alternate timelines in ways most other science fiction franchises would get lost in. Oh, and there are the time-traveling testicle aliens who are tasked with policing the timeline … because why not? The show’s hilarious approach to the genre definitely helps its crazy storylines go down smoother than just hurling chunks of exposition at the audience every two seconds. Bring on Season 5!

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