What A Rare Key Gun Was Actually Worth On Pawn Stars

Chumlee notes the gun’s good condition — its discoloration is a patina, not rust — but tells Paul that he wants an expert to come into the shop to verify its authenticity. So Chum calls in Alex Cranmer, the CEO of International Military Antiques, who is immediately ecstatic upon seeing the key gun. Cranmer tells Chum that it is very rare to find these guns with their padlocks. He confirms Paul’s estimation of the weapon’s manufacture date, saying that it was likely made between 1680 and 1720, and announces that it is of German origin, as it is engraved with an eagle and an “N” to signify the Nuremberg coat of arms. It’s clear that the item is authentic — and in great condition — so the men decide to meet at a gun range later to see if the thing fires, which will determine its value.

At the gun range, Rick joins Chumlee, Paul, and Alex to witness the rare key gun in action — hopefully. Alex loads the firearm up with a ball and some powder, and hands it to Chum, tempering the audience’s expectations with a reminder that these types of guns usually don’t work. Chum points the gun at a dinner plate propped up some yards away and pulls the trigger. The gun fires and the plate smashes. Sounds like this deal just got more expensive!

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