What Is The Song In The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Teaser?

“Holding Out For A Hero” has a storied history, and its undeniable energy has earned it a spot in more than a few memorable films, from “Short Circuit 2” to the trailer for “Detective Pikachu” to a Lunchables TV commercial. But from a cold, objective, scientific perspective, the song has never been more perfectly utilized than during the climactic third act of the 2004 seminal cinematic masterpiece “Shrek 2.”

The situation couldn’t have been more bleak. Shrek, an ogre whose personal development has been hobbled by body image issues, has consumed a potion designed to turn him into a handsome prince. This transformation sets the stage for the nefarious Fairy Godmother to replace Shrek with an imposter in the hopes of duping his beloved Fiona into marrying the Fairy Godmother’s son, Prince Charming, who surreptitiously poses as the transfigured protagonist. Upon learning of this dastardly turn of events, Shrek and his comrades storm the castle gates, hoping to stop a further plot to ensnare Fiona via the use of a love potion while also allowing Shrek and Fiona to kiss before midnight, solidifying the effects of the brew that made them more traditionally attractive. The whole sequence is set to the Fairy Godmother singing “Holding Out for a Hero,” and it slaps so hard that it technically counts as physical assault.

Anyway, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” is scheduled to hit Netflix on July 23, 2021.

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