Every Amazing Race Season Ranked Worst To Best

Season 29 is notable for having its teammates not meet each other until they were at the starting line. 

Premiering April 30, 2017, this “Amazing Race” season introduced the show’s newest gimmick: The contestants didn’t know each other ahead of time and had to complete a task that decided who would pick a partner first. Consequently, team dynamics developed in “real time” over the course of the season. 

Some teams, such as Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce, a.k.a. Team Fun, had a good time together, whereas Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary, a.k.a. Team Brooke and Scott, had more of a push/pull relationship. The fraught dynamic and rather boring nickname didn’t stop Brooke and Scott winning the $1 million prize, and fans seemed to enjoy the different teams learning their partner’s strengths and weaknesses as they competed.

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