How Rick And Morty Helped Loki Showrunner Michael Waldron

“Working on ‘Rick and Morty,'” Walrdon told us, “you’re exposed to dozens of incredible unique sci-fi concepts a day, in that writers’ room. And so you just can’t help but learn and become a wealth of knowledge about that stuff. And the thing that we did on ‘Rick and Morty’ was, every episode we tend to introduce a somewhat heady sci-fi concept early on. And you’ve got to get it out there for the audience and make sure they understand what’s happening, and then move it to the background, so they can just get swept up in the emotional story and everything. And that’s exactly what we had to do with the time travel in ‘Loki.’ So in that sense, it was very good.”

When the similarity between the Citadel of Ricks and the TVA was brought up, he agreed with the comparison and cited several other examples: “Absolutely. All of that stuff, Citadel of Ricks. Obviously, that Citadel of Ricks, there’s inspirations from the Council of Reeds and everything. All of those sci-fi bureaucracies, government type entities are all things we drew inspiration from.”

“Loki” is now streaming on Disney+. Stay tuned to Looper for more exclusive coverage.

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