Loki Episode 1 Broke A Massive Disney Record

Per Deadline, Samba TV keeps track of how many people watch each of the big tentpole Disney Plus shows so far. According to them, “WandaVision” brought in 655,000 viewers on its first day and 1.6 million for its three-day opening. “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” fared slightly better, with 759,000 viewers on its first day and 1.7 million over the weekend.

So, how did “Loki” do in comparison? Well, while we don’t yet know how many people will have watched by the end of the weekend just yet, we can confirm that “Loki” stands at the top of the heap for Day 1 watchers with a whopping 890,000 viewers — on a Wednesday!

If you’re wondering how SambaTV gets these figures, they gather their data across 3 million households with Smart terrestrial TV. So if you’re part of that sample and you watched five minutes worth of “Loki,” congratulations — you’re part of that record-breaking number. And, yes, 890,000 viewers is the highest first-day viewership of any Disney+ show so far, and that includes movies like “Cruella,” too.

New episodes of “Loki” debut on Disney+ on Wednesdays.

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