Superman Parodies Ranked Worst To Best

Dreamworks has always stayed relevant due to their outside-the-box thinking, often taking more risks than some of their competition. Case in point the 2010s superhero comedy “Megamind,” with many choosing it as a favorite Dreamworks property alongside “Kung Fu Panda” and “How To Train Your Dragon”.

The film concerns the titular villain Megamind (Will Ferrell) who, much like his heroic adversary Metro Man (Brad Pitt), is the lone survivor of an alien world. This is, of course a, very on-the-nose reference to Superman’s origin. The twist here is that one of them is a powerless but hyper-intelligent blue skinned weirdo and the other is a macho picture-perfect stud. While the movie predominantly focuses on Megamind and his antics, they still take time to give Metro Man some development of his own.

Metro Man, presumed dead for most of the film, is revealed to be alive and living under the radar. He doesn’t return triumphantly to help save the day at the end. He appears in the final scene, just a face in the crowd, content that his former adversary is Metro City’s new protector. One of Superman’s defining traits is his unflinching dedication to justice and to helping the citizens of Metropolis. Knowing that makes it even funnier to see this version be totally content with being a bearded loner who plays the guitar. 

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