The Bad Batch Episode 7 Ending Explained

Reaching Bracca is easy enough, but accessing the medical bay and getting the operations underway are other feats entirely. For one, getting everyone to the operating table is greatly hindered by the ship’s dilapidated state, and, of course, the Dianoga that nearly drowns Wrecker on their way in. This brings us to the issue of the Bad Batch’s powerhouse member, whose chip activates before he’s even fully prepped for the procedure, thanks to his multiple blows to the head over the past few weeks.

As fans feared for so long, Wrecker finally falls victim to his programming and goes on a gun-toting rampage throughout the ship. He momentarily takes out Tech, Echo, Hunter, and Rex before turning his attention to Omega (Michelle Ang). Watching Wrecker relentlessly hunt Omega down with murderous intent is harrowing to watch given just how close they’ve grown. He made her a room on the Havoc Marauder, they constantly joke and play with one another, and their new tradition after every mission is to celebrate with some well-earned Mantell Mix.

But just before Wrecker can fire upon his little sister, Rex regains consciousness and stuns him. Wrecker’s surgery goes off without a hitch, and he makes sure to apologize to Omega for his mindless violence over a handful of Mantell Mix.

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