The Disney Figurines Set That The Pawn Stars Bargained For

For obvious reasons, these Disney figurines have drawn the eye of the Old Man. He definitely sees the potential to make a decent profit on these, especially if Sharon’s story is true. There’s one small problem, however: The seller has no documentation to corroborate the idea that these figurines are throwaways from an Italian Disney park.

Unfortunately, the only indication that these figurines are even Italian comes from the Italian writing on the packaging. That being said, the figurines look to be in great condition. On their own, they might still be worth something. The seller also didn’t walk in with a particular price in mind.

As a result, the Old Man bases his offer off of what he sees in front of him — some nicely made Disney figurines. With that in mind, he estimates a price of $250 for the entire set. The seller weighs her options for a moment before deciding that the Old Man’s offer is a fair deal. In the end, both parties walk away happy. Unfortunately, nobody ever uncovers the figurines’ origins.

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