The Office Side Character That Fans Love To See On Screen

The fan-favorite character from “The Office” in question first appeared in Season 3. Glenn (Calvin Tenner), the warehouse worker, debuted in Episode 4 (“Grief Counseling”) and only briefly appeared after Dwight called him to clean up the burnt remains and makeshift casket of the dead bird the employees had just honored. He had brief appearances in Seasons 4,5, 6, and 7, but his character developed more in “The Office’s” final two seasons.

A popular Reddit thread honors Glenn, specifically focusing on one of his greatest moments in Season 9, Episode 12 (“Customer Loyalty”). Jim had set up a prank for Dwight years prior, but Dwight never discovered it until later. Dwight goes on a scavenger hunt in the office to find the Holy Grail, which ends in the warehouse. Along with the rest of the staff, Dwight rips the warehouse apart, but they can’t find the grail. The camera then pans to Glenn sitting in the office dunking a donut into a gold goblet full of coffee. He stares straight into the camera and then goes about his business, chomping away. He might not have gotten the screen time he deserved, but loyal “Office” fans will always remember Glenn for the comedic moments he delivered over the years.

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