The Pilot For Rick And Morty Was Written In A Shocking Amount Of Time

Harmon and Roiland rushed to write the “Rick and Morty” pilot in a single session. As they explained to The L.A. Times, inspiration struck, and they only had a certain amount of time to harness it.

Some time after finishing Season 2 of “Community” and beginning work on Season 3, Harmon and Roiland successfully pitched the idea for “Rick and Morty” to then-head of development at Adult Swim Nick Weidenfeld. After the meeting, the pair found themselves sitting in the empty office Harmon used for “Community” work. Harmon was actually preparing to leave, but Roiland suggested they bash the pilot script out then and there.

Roiland admitted that he tends to procrastinate, but in this case, “I was like, ‘It’s in my head now’ … for some reason, I was like, we need to do it.”

Part of the reason why was that Harmon was about to spend the next six months making “Community” Season 3, which wouldn’t leave much time for “Rick and Morty.” Instead of putting off the pilot, the pair hunkered down on the floor of Harmon’s office — he didn’t have any chairs — and finished their first draft.

As Roiland described the experience, “It’s not always that fast. It was kind of lightning in a bottle.” Little did they know at the time, they’d struck gold.

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