The Pinky And The Brain Connection You Missed In Rick And Morty

Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche — better known to their fans as Pinky and the Brain, respectively — are legends in the voice-acting game. Outside of proving the Brain’s mousy worth by overthrowing the Earth in “Animaniacs” (and other series), LaMarche has provided the voices of Kif in “Futurama,” Doctor Doom and Magneto in a dozen or so Marvel cartoons, and literally hundreds of other characters. Similarly, Paulsen has more than 500 acting credits to his name, including Yakko Warner from “Animaniacs” and at least two separate Ninja Turtles.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that LaMarche’s sinister tones found a home on “Rick and Morty,” beginning with the Season 1 episode “Lawnmower Dog,” in which he voiced Snowball the Dog’s accountant. It’s so important that you find a money man you can trust, and in this particular case, Snowball picked someone particularly close to his heart, seeing as the Paulsen voiced the Smith family’s dog in the episode.

LaMarche would go on to voice dozens of characters in “Rick and Morty,” including Abradolph Lincler and the fully-grown Gazorpazorp Morty Jr. Meanwhile, Paulsen put in work in four further episodes, voicing one of Unity’s (Christina Hendricks) assimilated victims in “Autoerotic Assimilation” as well as everyone’s favorite character from “Rixty Minutes,” Regular Legs Johnson.

The point is this: Everybody involved already knows each other — it’s time to start pushing a “Rick and Morty””Pinky and the Brain” crossover on social media.

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