The Supernatural Crime Anime That’s Heating Up On Netflix

Horror fans who aren’t well versed in Southeast Asian legends and folklore will undoubtedly find “Trese” to be a welcome departure from the spooks and creatures which haunt most Hollywood releases. As Den of Geek notes, “Trese” features an abundance of strange and fascinating monsters, ranging from the “duwende” (little elf creatures who grant people good and bad luck) to humanoid horse creatures known as “tikbalang.” That being said, western viewers will probably recognize The White Lady, as most cultures around the world have embraced that legend to some degree. The American version even appeared in the pilot episode of “Supernatural.”

Those are just a few examples of the horrors found within the frames of “Trese.” The Netflix series features plenty of callbacks to the Philippines’ rich history of ancient lore and magic, given a fresh makeover in a modern, hip anime that boasts plenty of action and thrills. Check it out if you’re in the mood for something scary and educational. By the time it’s over, you might find yourself stumbling down a rabbit hole of real-life spooky legends from the Filipino haunted archipelagos.

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