The Witcher’s Twitter Accounts Are Teasing A Mysterious Crossover Event

There’s definitely some kind of crossover event or multi-platform announcement on the way. It started with @witchergame tweeting the Netflix account if it’s “free on July 9th?” suggesting that an announcement is on the way. The Netflix account replied, “Sure! Want to meet up?” while addressing the developers, CD Projekt Red. When the game’s account confirmed that it was a “date,” all the Twitter accounts relating to Netflix’s “The Witcher” series, the main account for CD Projekt Red, the “Gwent” card game and upcoming mobile game “The Witcher: Monster Slayer” joined in on the conversation. 

It’s possible that with the upcoming release of “The Witcher: Monster Slayer,” there’s some kind of promotional event in the works to get audiences who love the series to play the mobile game. The game doesn’t currently have an official release date, aside from “Summer 2021,” according to the website. And with the second season of the live-action series on the way, it makes sense to tie the two together in some way.

Who knows? Maybe the release of the game will coincide with the first full trailer for “The Witcher” Season 2, or it might just see Henry Cavill’s face popping up if you kill something in “Monster Slayer.” At least we haven’t got long to wait, and we can keep an eye on all those Twitter accounts when July 9th rolls around.

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