This Is What Lisa Kudrow Stole From The Set Of Friends

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) was the most eclectic of the six friends and was known for her whimsical attitude, which perfectly matched her wardrobe. The actress admitted she loved wearing Phoebe’s clothes, which were very boho chic. When the cast was reminiscing about what they stole from the set, Kudrow said she didn’t take anything. She had to be reminded by her co-stars Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston that she took a bunch of Phoebe’s rings, which Kudrow then remembered immediately. Phoebe always sported multiple rings across her hands, often on every finger. The jewelry was bulky, shiny, and sometimes featured large stones.

These weren’t the only things Kudrow has from the set, but the other item she has was given to her. Matthew Perry took the famous cookie jar clock from Monica and Rachel’s apartment and gave it to Kudrow because she loved it so much. Kudrow remembered him asking permission to take the clock, but the actor revealed at the reunion he stole it, mainly because his co-star “thought that it was a real clock,” and he found that hilarious.

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