Why Jane From Happy Endings Looks So Familiar

The rise of Eliza Coupe’s career was borderline meteoric. In less than three years, she went from a complete unknown to a TV star on one of the biggest network dramedies of the last two decades, with only a handful of guest roles along the way.

But first, there was a pit stop in the world of independent filmmaking. Coupe’s very first credited onscreen performance was in a short film from 2006 titled “The Day The World Saved Shane Sawyer,” playing a character named Alison and appearing alongside fellow credited thespians like Isaac Schinazi and “Skats the Clown.”

Decidedly bonkers and achingly Lynchian, this six-minute black and white silent film tells the story of a man resigned to throwing himself off of a water tower after his significant other (Coupe) is unfaithful to him. His plans are interrupted by a clown, a bevy of cheerful well-wishers, and a guy doing a tango with an inflatable doll. 15 years after its release, it has just under 2,000 views on YouTube, so unless you personally worked on the project, the odds that this is where you recognize Coupe from are unbelievably slim.

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