Far Cry Anime Release Date, Cast, And Plot

According to Variety, the creative team behind the “Far Cry” anime is still being assembled. Clearly, the show’s not yet in production, and it will be some time before that happens. Although there are no current estimates for when the series might finally get a release on Netflix, our best guess is that you’ll have to wait a few years before we even hear any major details about when that upcoming date might be. 

In the meantime, there’s not even news about how many episodes the “Far Cry” series will have. However, Netflix’s team-up with Ubisoft will also bring an animated series based on the “Splinter Cell” games to screens and an original six-episode anime called “Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix,” which features the alter-egos of older Ubisoft characters.

“Far Cry 6” will definitely come out before the anime does, so the show could incorporate new elements from that game as well — and the presence of the new title on the current generation of consoles could help get people hyped up for more adventures in the game’s timeline.

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