The Ending Of Trese Season 1 Explained

After believing Mayor Sancho Santamaria (Lou Diamond Phillips) was behind the string of magical attacks on mortals, Datu Talagbusao (Steve Blum) makes himself known. He reveals that he’s been the one all along pulling the strings and orchestrating everything to lead to this moment. Alexandra and her allies do their best to get rid of him, but he’s too powerful, and once he regains control over his sons, The Kambal (Griffin Puatu), to apprehend her. 

Once Talagbusao has Alexandra as a captive audience, he engages in some lengthy flashbacks. Part of this involves revealing that Alexandra is actually the sixth child of the sixth child. This prophecy first came to light in the first episode of “Trese,” but at that time, Alexandra states that she wasn’t the sixth child in her family. Later, she discloses that a twin would’ve been born with her, but she was stillborn. However, as Talagbusao shows her in the finale, her sister was actually born, technically making her the sixth child in her family. 

According to the God of Death, that means Alexandra is the one destined to pass judgment on humanity, a task she staunchly refuses. So naturally, the God isn’t about to give her much of a choice in the matter, but after he kills Captain Guerrero (Matt Yang King), Alexandra discovers newfound power to fight back. 

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