This Was The Final Episode Frank Was Seen In On American Pickers

Everything seemed to be progressing normally during Season 21 of “American Pickers” right up until Frank disappeared, without any real explanation, halfway through its run. The last episode that Frank appeared in was Episode 307, titled “Burlesque Queen,” which aired in March 2020, via IMDb. In that episode, Frank and Mike make their way through a historic marina that they come across in Kansas City while looking for rare antiques, with no mention of any sort of upcoming departure from Frank.

So what happened to Frank on “American Pickers”? With no official word from the show, the cast, or Frank himself, it’s hard to say for sure. However, a fan on Facebook noted that Frank didn’t necessarily vanish and that his co-star, Mike, mentioned on one of the following episodes that Frank was undergoing back surgery.

Beyond that, Frank stopped appearing on the show just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect the United States, and as an individual living with Crohn’s disease, he may have been at a higher risk of illness from the virus. So while fans may not know precisely why Frank stopped showing up on “American Pickers,” there is still a chance he might come back after the pandemic has subsided.

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