What Lou Diamond Phillips Has Been Up To Since Longmire

Even when Lou Diamond Phillips didn’t have a regular TV series, he was still a familiar face on TV, turning up regularly in prominent guest star spots in about every genre we can think of. That hasn’t changed since “Longmire” wrapped. Phillips has turned up on crime procedurals like “Criminal Minds,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “Blindspot,” and “Blue Bloods,” with the “Blue Bloods” part standing out as a juicy recurring role.

And, notably, it’s only a recurring role because of Phillips: He was too good for the show to let him go after only one episode. As “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg explained in an interview with Pop Culture, Phillips’ character Louis Delgado was originally slated to die in his first episode. But Wahlberg — and everyone else on set — loved working with Phillips too much for that to happen. He told Pop Culture, “It’s just rare you get to work with somebody you click with so well and they’re amazing at what they do. I feel like he makes me a better actor and he makes our show a better show.”

Phillips’ part on “Blue Bloods” was accordingly expanded, and his character wound up having a rich, complex connection with Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan.

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