Blindspotting Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot

No updates for the “Blindspotting” Season 2 story have been revealed by any cast or crew member involved with the show. That’s not to say there isn’t a vision for the show, should it get renewed, because that’s entirely possible; it may just be that nobody is ready to share that vision with the world. As such, viewers will have to keep watching “Blindspotting” Season 1 if they want to get a solid feel for where the story will likely start heading in Season 2.

For now, we’re still at the start of a new chapter for Ashley and Sean after their lives have been upended. The Season 1 premiere, “The Ordeal,” is set six months after the events of the “Blindspotting” movie. We rejoin Ashley as she watches her partner, Miles, get arrested for drug possession in front of their Oakland home on New Year’s Eve. With Miles behind bars, Ashley realizes that the only way she’ll be able to maintain some stability in her life, as well as Sean’s life, is to move in with Miles’ mother, Rainey, and Miles’ sister, Trish. This seems like a temporary living situation until Miles gets out, but when it suddenly becomes more long-term, the arrangement forces Ashley to reassess what her life will look like as part of Rainey’s household, as a single parent, and as a young woman who feels like her life has stalled out.

We’ll keep you posted on new “Blindspotting” Season 2 details as they emerge, so check back with us soon!

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