JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 6 Release Date, Characters, And Plot

‘Stone Ocean” is unique among other entries in the series. So far, it’s the only part of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” to have a female protagonist. It also features a heavier emphasis on the female characters. This is in sheer contrast to other parts of the series, which predominantly feature masculine characters (albeit, ones designed with distinctly non-masculine characteristics) doing masculine things. 

Several years after the events of Part 5, the 18-year old Jolyne is suddenly framed for murder and thrown in jail. Despite the tenuous relationship with his daughter, Jotaro arrives to offer his help. As is par for the course, however, things quickly spiral out of control. After her trial, Jolyne is sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison and thrust into a world of supernatural Stand users. Luckily a gift from Jotaro grants her a Stand of her own. In time, Jolyne finds herself in conflict with the prison’s chaplain, Enrico Pucci, a devout follower of DIO looking to continue his legacy. Through the power of her new Stand (known as “Stone Free”) and the aid of her allies, Jolyne embarks on a journey to escape her prison and put a stop to Pucci’s schemes.

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