Series Finales That Left Us With More Questions Than Answers

A show that, according to fans, was terminated before its time, “Pushing Daisies” concluded in 2009 when ABC decided to pull the plug. The early cancelation meant that the writers’ plan, which depended on many more years of storyline, had to go out the window, and it was pretty much impossible to replace it with anything truly satisfactory.

But with the trademark emotional maturity in the face of loss that fans loved the show for, creator Bryan Fuller acknowledged this fact honestly. If there was an ending for them, he admitted, it was the only possible one, and it was “decades later, and [he] couldn’t really quite rush their story to any sort of conclusion.”

And so, we were left to wonder whether Ned and Chuck would ever find a satisfactory loophole that would allow them to touch without killing Chuck. We were left without knowing how Chuck’s family would react to her coming back from the grave and what life/afterlife would look like for them.

So, as disappointing and unresolved as the finale was (so much so that they had to add a voice-over that said its events “should never be considered an ending — for endings, as it is known, are where we begin”), in a weird way, it respected its story by refusing to bury it, even after ABC had taken its life.

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