The Worst Thing Erin Hannon Did On The Office

The show may have been called “The Office,” but a significant portion of plotlines follow the various romances that occur, most notably with Pam and Jim (John Krasinski). After those two tied the knot, the show still needed some will-they/won’t-they energy, and it found it with Andy and Erin. The two could never seem to get their relationship right, and before Erin found her way into Andy’s arms, she initially dated Gabe (Zach Woods). Gabe enters the picture after Sabre assumes control over Dunder Mifflin, and he’s a bit of a wet blanket. Their personalities don’t mesh at all, and it’s not a surprise when Erin first mentions she wants to break up with him. 

There’s nothing wrong with breaking up when the chemistry isn’t there, but the way Erin went about it definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth. In Season 7’s “Michael’s Last Dundies,” Erin receives an award at a crowded restaurant. She uses her newfound platform to break up with Gabe, who doesn’t take it well. Darryl (Craig Robinson) puts it best when Erin goes back to her seat: “Damn, that was cold.”

Gabe doesn’t exactly seem like the most stable individual in the office, so there’s probably no context where he would’ve taken the news well. Still, Erin didn’t have to humiliate him in front of all of his coworkers. Erin insisted she just wanted to be honest with him, but the way she handled it was unforgivable.

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