Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Release Date, Locations And Cases

With no official plans for Season 3 on the books, it’s unclear which cases “Unsolved Mysteries” will tackle next. Over the course of its first two Netflix seasons, the kinds of cases “Unsolved Mysteries” tackled revealed just how vast the show’s interests were. Some of the Season 1 highlights included a look at the baffling death of Rey Rivera, a Baltimore-area man who left his home in a rush and was found dead in a conference room in a hotel in the city, as well as a re-examination of the shocking death of Georgia-based salon owner Patrice Endres. There was also the absolutely shocking murder of a prominent French family, and a 1969 alien abduction that occurred in a rural area of Massachusetts. 

Season 2 delivered six more episodes, including an episode devoted to the very odd circumstances behind the death of former White House aide Jack Wheeler, the shocking death of a young woman with no identity in a Norwegian hotel room, and possible supernatural encounters experienced by the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Considering the show “Unsolved Mysteries” applied the term “unsolved mystery” to a wide variety of cases, including those which did not fit into a typical true crime mold, there is a very good chance that trend will continue in Season 3. That is, if a Season 3 ends up happening. 

On that note, keep this page bookmarked, “Unsolved Mysteries” fans, so you can keep checking for updates on the status of the hit Netflix docuseries.

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