Interview With The Vampire TV Series Release Date, Cast, And Plot

According to AMC’s press release, the company ordered an eight-episode first season and plans to launch the series in 2022. The series will be available on both the AMC network and their exclusive AMC+ service next year. In a major 2020 acquisition, the company acquired the rights to Rice’s iconic works, encompassing 18 titles, including the “Vampire Chronicles” and “Mayfair Witches” series. This means that not only does AMC have the rights to the novel that the film adaptation is named after, but they have also taken full ownership of the entire intellectual property for the series. 

The titles they acquired from Rice in addition to “Interview with the Vampire” include “The Vampire Lestat,” “Prince Lestat,” “Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat,” and “The Queen of the Damned.” The latter had its own film adaptation in 2002, though it was not nearly as successful as “Interview with A Vampire.” Ultimately, what this means is that should the first season of “Interview with the Vampire” do well, the network would have a long and intricate series of books to mine for future seasons and even movies. 

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