Lena Waithe Shares a Moving Tribute to It’s A Different World

Hip hop producer and DJ Ninth Wonder similarly shared his admiration for the series. “Man, you’re talking about a show that changed the generation,” he explained. “I was a dark-skinned Black kid and Dwayne Wayne [played by Hardison] who was a smart, dark-skinned Black boy…I just want to say thank you so much for giving me something to look up to when I was 14, 15 years old. Thank you very, very much for changing my life, our life, 100 percent.”

The celebrity tributes touched the cast, as Summer called the day “very deep” while Sinbad expressed his gratitude for being part of “greatness.” 

“It’s really my honor—I’m going to cry—to be a part of this legacy,” Lewis summed up. 

Watch the clip from tonight’s episode above for more A Different World reunion details. 

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